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Dorothy Sayers

(1893 - 1957)

Crime on the Coast & No Flowers by Request

Dorothy Sayers novel 1984
The Scoop & Behind the Scenes

Dorothy Sayers novel 1983
Lord Peter

Dorothy Sayers shorts 1972
Striding Folly

Dorothy Sayers shorts 1972
Double Death: A Murder Story

Dorothy Sayers novel 1939
In the Teeth of the Evidence

Dorothy Sayers shorts 1939
Busman's Honeymoon

Dorothy Sayers novel 1937
Gaudy Night

Dorothy Sayers novel 1935
The Nine Tailors

Dorothy Sayers novel 1934
Murder Must Advertise

Dorothy Sayers novel 1933
Ask a Policeman

Dorothy Sayers novel 1933
Hangman's Holiday

Dorothy Sayers shorts 1933
Have His Carcase

Dorothy Sayers novel 1932
The Five Red Herrings

Dorothy Sayers novel 1931
The Floating Admiral

Dorothy Sayers novel 1931
Strong Poison

Dorothy Sayers novel 1930
The Documents in the Case

Dorothy Sayers shorts 1930
The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club

Dorothy Sayers novel 1928
Lord Peter Views the Body

Dorothy Sayers shorts 1928
The Inpleasantness At The Bellona Club

Dorothy Sayers 1928
Unnatural Death

Dorothy Sayers novel 1927
Clouds of Witness

Dorothy Sayers novel 1926
Whose Body?

Dorothy Sayers novel 1923

Dorothy Sayers

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