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  • Deadheads: Dalziel & Pascoe #7

    Patrick Aldermann, an accountant with a company that makes toilets, is passionate about his roses, which he prunes ruthlessly, ?de

  • The Lincoln Lawyer (A Lincoln Lawyer Novel)

    This #1 bestselling legal thriller from Michael Connelly is a stunning display of novelistic mastery - as human, as gripping, and

  • Daniel X: Demons and Druids

    Daniel X's hunt to eliminate each and every intergalactic criminal on Earth is always relentless, but this time, it's getting pers

  • Creature

    A powerful high-tech company. A postcard-pretty  company town. Families. Children. Sunshine.  Happiness. A high school footbal

  • Song of Susannah (The Dark Tower, Book 6)

    SONG OF SUSANNAH THE DARK TOWER VI Susannah Dean is possessed, her body a living vessel for the demon-mother Mia. S

  • Bleeding Kansas

    Set in the Kaw River Valley where Paretsky grew up, Bleeding Kansas is the story of the Schapens and the Grelliers, two far

  • Strangers

    They were strangers. A handful of people. From different backgrounds, living in different towns and cities across America

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