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Helen Vardon's Confession

Author: R. Austin Freeman
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• Two classic mystery books from the detective stories of Dr John Evelyn Thorndyke are bound together in this Kindle edition: Helen Vardon's Confession & The Red Thumb Mark

Helen Vardon's Confession (1922)
Helen is eavesdropping on her father’s conversation in the library when she hears an argument that will changes her life. Her father is angry about missing trust funds and his ire is directed at a man called Otwa. In reply, Otwa suggests he marry Helen in exchange for his silence. But is this a deal with the devil? The fallout from this agreement includes blackmail, fraud, and ultimately death. It is up to Detective Thorndyke to unravel the clues to solve this tangled mystery.

Red Thumb Mark (1907)
In Dr John Evelyn Thorndyke's first case; the forensic evidence specialist immerses himself in the mystery of missing jewels from the vault of Mr John Hornby and his firm of jewellers. Only four people have the keys, and one of the men is arrested, but Thorndyke and his assistant Dr Jervis are not convinced and set out to prove his innocence using the clue of a bloody thumb print from the safe.

About the Author
British writer R. Austin Freeman (1862 – 1943) was a physician, surgeon and mystery writer best known for his detective character Dr John Thorndyke. The fictional doctor tests the wits of readers, inspiring many modern detective forensic methods. He is the most famous of the Edwardian detective writers.
Freeman also wrote under the pseudonyms: Clifford Ashdown and John James Pitcairn.

The R. Austin Freeman Classic Mystery Series includes the following books:
1. The Red Thumb Mark (1907)
2. John Thorndyke's Cases (1909), published in the USA as Dr. Thorndyke's Cases
3. The Vanishing Man (1911), published in the UK as Eye of Osiris
4. The Mystery of 31 New Inn (1912)
5. The Singing Bone (1912), published in the US as The Adventures of Dr. Thorndyke [story collection]
6. A Silent Witness (1914)
7. Helen Vardon's Confession (1922)

Other novels and collections by R. Austin Freeman:
1. The Adventures of Romney Pringle, with John Pitcairn, as Clifford Ashdown (1902)
2. The Further Adventures of Romney Pringle, with John Pitcairn, as Clifford Ashdown (1903 in Cassell's Magazine; first book publication, 1970)
3. From a Surgeon's Diary, with John Pitcairn, as Clifford Ashdown (1904-5 in Cassell's Magazine; first book publication, 1977)
4. The Golden Pool: A Story of a Forgotten Mine (1905)
5. The Unwilling Adventurer (1913)
6. The Uttermost Farthing (1914 in the USA, only; first British publication, 1920, as "A Savant's Vendetta")
7. The Exploits of Danby Croker (1916)
8. The Great Portrait Mystery (1918)

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